Personal Information

Don't worry, I'm not going to get that personal...

Heath's Wife

I am married to the most incredibly wonderful woman in the whole world, Amanda Kate Johnson Fitts.  We were married on October 17th, 1998 and now live in the tiny community of Verda, Louisiana which is where Amanda is originally from. 

Heath's Son

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Amanda and I are the very proud parents of  Alan Michael Fitts.  Alan was born on January 24th, 2000 and was named after my dad (Alan Fitts) and one of my favorite characters on Babylon 5 (Michael Garibaldi, Security Chief).  I really wanted to name him Alan G'Kar (G'Kar is my favorite fictional character of all time and also from Babylon 5), but that's one of the many battles I've lost with my wife.  :)  

Heath's Education

I graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana in 1998 with a B.A. in English.  Being a glutton for punishment, after taking a year off, I went back for graduate school.  I should graduate in December, 2001 with a Masters of Education in Educational Technology.

Now that I'm employed at LSU-A (see below), I hope to be able to start taking classes next year (when tuition remittance kicks in) toward a degree in Computer Science.  For now, I'm working on industry certifications.  I achieved CompTIA A+ certification on June 14, 2001 and I'll soon be working on Network+, MCSE, and Cisco certfications.


Heath's Employment

I was hired by Louisiana State University at Alexandria in July, 2001.  My job title is Instructional Technology Support Specialist. I work at the University Center at England Airpark performing a variety of functions from tech support to teaching certification courses.  

I have also, along with a couple of friends, formed a web development business called WebGuys.Org, Inc.  We offer web site design and consultation services, web site hosting, maintenance, and domain registration.

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