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  Technology serving the future of America's heritage.
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  About Us
  NCPTT is an important part of our nation’s preservation and conservation community—which, in turn, is a vital part of our nation’s cultural life. NCPTT serves the community that fostered its creation—and, in turn, serves the nation and the world. 

Efforts to establish a national preservation center within the National Park Service have been evolving for nearly two decades. The national need for an initiative that could promote and enhance national preservation efforts was highlighted in a 1988 report to Congress prepared by the Office of Technology Assessment.

In response to the clearly stated need for a National preservation initiative, Congress passed the Historic Preservation Act Amendments of 1992, creating NCPTT, NCPTT’s advisory board and NCPTT’s grants program. NCPTT fulfills the OTA report’s recommendations to develop and distribute skills and technologies that enhance the preservation, conservation, and interpretation of prehistoric and historic resources throughout the United States.


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