NFL Braggin Rights Leader Board Week 15


1 John 171 7 Rodney 152  
2 David 161 8 Catherine 141
2 Paul 161 9 Joshua 135
4 Rhonda 159 10 Heath 112
5 Jason 156 11 Kevin 51
5 Jim 156 12 Elizabeth 31


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Welcome to the 2006 Braggin Challenge NFL Football Website. Scores are up top now in the headliner section. New areas have been added such as the team news section on the top navigational bar, game of the week to right, and surveys at the bottom right of this page. Enjoy!   Stadium threat a hoax
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Internet threats of "dirty bomb" attacks at NFL stadiums this weekend were a hoax inspired by a writing competition between two men trying to come up with scary threats, a law enforcement official said....


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Best SuperBowl QB Ever.....
Doug W
Troy A
Joe M
Bart S
Terry B
Johnny U



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